Our services

We offer a full range of tutoring and mentoring services to help you better structure your thinking; craft your argument; and obtain better results with your University studies. Get the edge on your studies, your future and professional competition. We are also happy to help High School students.

We can help you:

  • how to craft your argument in a university essay
  • understand what university lecturers are looking for
  • challenge your thinking and help you write a better essay

We also offer editing services and assistance with English grammar and writing. So if you are writing an important essay or preparing your thesis, we can help.

Our tutors have taught for many years at University level in the areas of:

* architecture
* leadership and management studies
* project and construction management
* philosophy
* history

Our services are not topic or course based but are designed to help any student, in any discipline obtain better results. Many of our clients have obtained top marks in their essays and theses after being mentored by us.

We offer you a half hour FREE chat with us to assess your study needs. Email us on info@thinkingshift.com or call us on Skype

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